Meet Emilia – The Inspiration behind my fresh approach to family portraiture

Meet Emilia

I have been involved in family portraiture for nearly a decade and it has always been a pleasure to capture many happy family moments. My approach is a candid one, believing that in order to capture a real smile my subject has to be relaxed and enjoying themselves.

BUT, it wasn’t until I became a new Mum, in November 2014 to Emilia Grace (Emi), that I can really say I understand how daunting a family activity can really be. Babies and children are unpredictable. As a photographer I love this about them, but as a mother I appreciate this can be far from enjoyable.

So a ‘keep it simple’ attitude now accompanies my candid approach. A familiar environment works best i.e. there’s no place like home, or even the local park or coastal walk where the family go often to relax and play together. Natural light gives a flattering portrait light, as well as been less intrusive than studio flash. Plus less equipment also means more freedom and spontaneity, creating a more laid back feel, allowing fun to take the lead.

Emilia and I have had a couple of photo mornings in the last 3 months (I chose mornings as that’s when Emi is most up for playing) We have lovely window light in our bedroom. It’s amazing the natural shot you can capture, simply with a double bed as your backdrop and natural light from an upstairs window. We have a lot of fun and of course lots of cuddles.



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