Black and White Photo 5 Day Challenge – Day Three

I have accepted a challenge from Cheryle of Lightwalkers Blog to post black and white photo a day for the next 5 days. I have decided to share some of my wedding portfolio images with you for this challenge.

Image Three, is a Kissing couple and a bird of prey

As part of the challenge I have to nominate a fellow blogger a day to take up the Black and White 5 Day Challenge also.

For Day Three I challenge Cynthia M Voss I really like her landscape portraits and overall compositions during Photo 101 and so would like to see more.

So Cynthia, the criteria is to post a black and white photo for 5 days and then to challenge another blogger to do the same, are you up for it?

There is no pressure to accept this challenge. After all it is for fun 🙂


4 thoughts on “Black and White Photo 5 Day Challenge – Day Three

  1. Beautiful. The satin on the dress shimmers. Catching the bird in flight is bonus. It is an interesting comment on the concept of marriage. The bird signifies freedom, eternal life and the link between heaven and earth. In love and light Cheryle

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  2. An interesting capture. A bird of prey on such a day and the groom with a beer in his hand as he kisses his new bride. I fear these are two omens of misfortune. For whom one knows not. The bird may signify freedom but it also spells doom for its prey. I see who is in the line of flight. What does this mean? On a happier note, a wonderful image as before, detail, light control, perspective and great composition. The view from their side is a sweet touch.

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    • This couple did a number of things that went against superstition, so I’m sure the bird of prey won’t phase them… The castle had a bird display as part of the celebrations. Thank for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed the image 😊


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