Photo 101 – Day Twenty – Triumph and Contrast

The final day of Photo 101. I have been reading what my fellow course mates have had to say and I am going to echo the majority… I’m sad it has come to an end, I have really enjoyed it and I have pick up some new skills. As a relatively new blogger the course has set my fledgling blog in good stead and as corny as it perhaps sounds, I feel a great deal of pride in my little photo blog, which in itself is a ‘Triumph’ so as with all good celebrations – Here is the Champagne – A toast to a great course, Photo 101 – Thank you WordPress Team 🙂


5 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Day Twenty – Triumph and Contrast

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  2. Hi Chilly Bella, I enjoyed your photographs so much during our Photo 101 class that I tagged you this morning to take part in the Four Elements photo challenge. If you take a look at my link below, you’ll see the fun that awaits should you accept: Pick one of your photos that best depicts each of the four elements, and post them, and then tag a few others to continue the beauty. I hope you’d like to join in, and I’m glad to have met you and will continue to follow your fine work. — Mark

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