Four Elements Photo Challenge – Air, Fire, Water and Earth

I was challenged at the start of April by Mark Bialczak to take part in the Four Elements Photo Challenge.

Excited and pumped after completing Photo 101, which I believe was what lead Mark to my blog and thus set me the challenge, I got busy looking at archived images as well as shooting some pix for said challenge… Then disaster struck, luckily not one caused by any of the four elements, but in my little world, just as epic. My hard drive died. I lost pictures and software 😦 so here I am, one month on, new computer, new software and back ready to accept and now complete the Four Elements Photo Challenge…

Air or my interpretation Wind – Simple and fun – My daughter’s colourful wind mill, spinning in the breeze

Garden Ornament, Wind Mill Spinning


Taken from my early archives, the centre of a fire pit or it’s proper title a chiminea

Centre of a Fire Pitt


The stillest water and to be honest flattest land I have ever seen are the Norfolk Broads. Living in the Lake District I am used to coastal waves, hilly mountains and rock filled rivers, so by contrast the Broads are something different for me and so I thought I would use a waterscape taken on the Broads as my image for water

Norfolk Broads, Barge Top Bell


The final image, brings us back to Cumbrian soil; home turf you could say. A landscape image of Muncaster Fell, I took this photo whilst out walking with my Dad and there is a print of this image hung in my parents house, so it reminds me of home.

Muncaster Fell in the Winter, Cumbria

So there you have it, my four images for the the Four Elements Photo Challenge.

I hope you enjoy them and thank you Mark for setting me the challenge. As in true blogging style, it is now up to me to pass the challenge on and so if you would like to except, I challenge

Rob Paine of I See Beauty All Around

Karen Anderson of Expressing My Vision

Jennifer L Thorpe of Eye Candy Visionz

Please check out, if you do not already follow, the blogs I have set links for in this post. Mark, Rob, Karen and Jennifer all have fab blogs and should the challenge continue I’m sure we are in for a treat.


10 thoughts on “Four Elements Photo Challenge – Air, Fire, Water and Earth

  1. Great response to the challenge. Not good about the hard drive though, I had this happen just under a year ago to me. Luckily I had reasonable backups and I only lost a weeks worth of photos (still quite a few for most as it was about 150 photos). Now I back up my photos more frequently….once bitten………

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